Tuesday Ryan-Hart

Guest expert/host for Session 4

A few years ago, our first few hours with Tuesday included the experience of her hosting a learning circle and conversation about power and race, with a group of mostly-white practitioners of “The Art of Hosting.” The clarity of her information and the loving strength with which it was delivered, combined with the quality of the space for reflection and conversation held by her and her fellow hosts… well, it was valuable and impressive.

Since then we have continued to learn and be inspired by the work she and her colleagues at The Outside are doing, and by their open honest sharing through the Find the Outside podcast, which we highly recommend.

Tuesday Ryan-Hart leads large-scale systems change with a deep understanding and practice of how equity, when put at the centre of new movements, frees the path to better ideas that work. She helps diverse organizations and communities with shared interests reframe commonly-held assumptions and persistent issues, surfacing a new mindset for action with greater participation and shared impact.

Tuesday is co-founder of The Outside.