What is the relationship between the learning group, the Adaptive Space Network, and Pitt U.Lab hub?

Can I participate on my own schedule at times that I choose?

What time commitment is required?

Why do I need to apply to the learning group?

How do I apply for the learning group?

What if I still have questions or am still unsure? Can I speak with someone about the learning group?

What is the relationship between the learning group, Adaptive Space Network, and Pitt u.lab hub?

Adaptive Space (2020–21) is an evolution of the Pitt u.lab hub (2019–20). While continuing to serve Pitt u.lab hub’s original intention of supporting a learning community for the MITx MOOC u.lab: Leading from the Emerging Future, the Adaptive Space program has developed capacity to offer much more. It is one step further in prototyping a holding space for personal, organizational and societal transformation in Pittsburgh.

The Adaptive Space Network

The Adaptive Space network, hosted on the Mighty Network platform, is free to join: adaptive-space.mn.co.

Within this network, we offer Pitt u.lab hub specific activities, such as monthly live sessions that correspond with the u.lab MOOC, and coaching circles as close-knit peer support groups. We also host activities to build stronger communities, such as conversations with “local heroes,” profiles of projects from network members, book clubs, and open inquiries on certain topics.

The Adaptive Space Learning Group

The Adaptive Space Learning Group: Ways of Being and Seeing in Social Complexity is a new offering this yearThis 12-week series is an experience in community for learning: support, retreat and reflection-for-action, emphasizing ideas and practices for improving the way we work in the complexity of community in these times.

Can I participate on my own schedule at times that I choose?

There are two kinds of activities in the learning group: live and self-paced. The live sessions will be held over Zoom, every Tuesday from 11:30am to 1:30pm US Eastern time, from January 12 to March 30. We strongly encourage you to participate in the live sessions so you can experience the activities and group conversations.

Portions of the live sessions may be recorded for those who cannot attend, but for privacy reasons the group conversations will not be recorded.

The self-paced activities–audio, video, and reading material before each session and suggested practices and challenges after–can be done on your own time. You’ll have a lot of flexibility to adjust the degree of time and attention you give to the group.

What time commitment is required?

The live sessions are two hours each week. If you want to go deeper, there will be optional reading material and exercises offered for those seeking deeper learning.

Why do I need to apply to join the learning group?

The purpose of the application process is one of alignment: the application helps us improve the likelihood that the people who commit their money and time are people who will both benefit from the experience and contribute to the community of learning.

Also we are working to curate a good mix of learners. Our experience tells us that for this kind of experiential and reflective learning experience, it really makes a difference when we gather across roles, perspectives and life experiences. 

How do I apply for the learning group?

Applications for the January 2021 Learning Group are closed.

If you would like to be notified when we plan another group in the future, please register your interest and we will notify you when the time comes.

What if I have questions that aren’t answered here, or I’m still unsure? Can I talk to someone about the program?

Questions? We’re here for you! Use our contact page to ask your question, or request a one-on-one consultation with one of our co-hosts.

The last day to apply is December 15. Seats are limited to 25!